JavaScript, JavaScript, JavaScript

Today evening I was inspired by "JavaScript: It’s Not Just for Browsers Any More" and its Hacker News thread to browser around and learn new JavaScript stuff. Here's what I discovered (or re-discovered):
  • Appcelerator Titanium - promising way to build desktop (and mobile!) applications with web technologies. Basically it wraps WebKit with some desktop API and allows to use JavaScript, Python or Ruby.
  • Node - server-side JavaScript event-based framework (Twisted/Tornado, but for JS). Some probably nice addons: do library for controlling parallel execution (via) and hot code loading (via).
  • CommonJS - JavaScript standard library.
  • CofeeScript - Ruby- and Python-inspired mini language that compiles into JavaScript. Someone pointed to port of "hello world" Node server.
  • Haml and Sass - similar (as in weight) languages that compile into HTML and CSS, respectively. Though Haml seems to Ruby on Rails specific.
Time to build great things!

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